iJira 1.0 Available in the App Store

iJira is now available on the application store.

iJira is an easy to use iPhone client for the ‘Jira’, issue tracking and project/product management family of products from Atlassian Software.

iJira lets you keep, up with, modify and edit your Jira issues even when you’re away from your computer.

In order to use iJira your server needs to have the XML RPC plugin and SOAP enabled.

Please see http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/JIRA+XML-RPC+Overview


  • View Projects.
  • View Issues.
  • Edit lots of issue fields such as Type, Summary, Description, Reporter, Priority, Due date, Environment, Assignee etc.
  • View Comments.
  • Add/Edit comments.
  • View Saved filters.
  • Search project, issues and filters.
  • Sort functionality by Type, Key, Summary, Priority and Status.
  • Filter closed and resolved issues.
  • Transition Workflow.
  • Store all project, filters and custom issue icons for quick retrieval.
  • Refresh iJira by shaking.avail_on_app_store1

Disclaimer : imKon and iJira are in no way affiliated with Atlassian Software


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5 Responses to “iJira 1.0 Available in the App Store”

  1. gogalev Says:

    Hello all!
    I’ve purchased You great App.

    The question is: I’m using 3 Jira systems – 1 as internal project, and 2 – from client side.
    Will it be able in next releases to use multiple accounts in this App?

  2. gogalev Says:

    There is one problem I currently have with the iJira app: I’m able to login and to view a list if projects, but all of my projects have a lot of tasks (more then hundred tasks per each project). And when I’m trying to view the list of tasks using filter or the Task button – the app crashes every time.

  3. senagbe Says:

    We’re glad you like it. I will ask the development team whether multiple accounts is scheduled. If not we’ll se where we can work it in to the release schedule.

  4. senagbe Says:

    Roughly how many issues do you have? We have tested against projects with 100-200 users. Could you please send the crash report to ijirasupport@imkon.com and we’ll try and fix this as soon as possible.

  5. gogalev Says:

    2 senagbe
    I have one internal project (internal System Administration task tracking) with currently 1500 tasks and the number of tasks is rising every day… The same situation I will have with our new project – very big global client support – it will be the same quantity…
    Maybe it will be better to let the user setup a proper interval for synchronization?

    Will do (to send You a crash report) it in a few minutes.

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