iJira 1.1 In the works

Thank you all for the wonderful response to iJira. We are suprised and pleased by how well it is being received. This being version 1.0 a couple of issues have been brought to our attention.

  1. Jira servers with self signed certificates
    This is caused by a limitation of the WebKit shipped with iPhone. If your server is behind a self signed certificate iJira won’t work, but neither will anything that utilises WebKit. An easy way to test is to try and access your Jira server using Safarin from your iPhone.
    We are currently testing SOAP access code which doesn’t ely on WebKit, this may solve the problem we should know more int he next couple of days. We will keep you posted here.
  2. People with over a thousand issues have been experiencing crashes. Again, we think w know what the problem is with this, and we’ll keep you posted. We intend to deal with this after the issue above, send the update to our beta test team and then release version 1.1 with these fixes and a couple of nice new features.

Thanks again for your patience, speak soon.
The iJira Team


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3 Responses to “iJira 1.1 In the works”

  1. ralfwenzel Says:

    Hi, I am testing iJira by connecting a server on HTTPS-Connection (Port 443). Login works fine, projects are displayed well. But when I tap on the “Filters”-Button, I get the error message “Error retrieving data”.

    I need the filters I customized in Jira, because I don’t want to load thousands of issues….. What I can do?

    Ralf *iJira 1.1, iPhone 3G latest firmware

    P.S.: JiraMate works, but I want to operate with iJira

  2. senagbe Says:

    Hi Ralf, are you able to view issues as well?

    Is the certificate for your server self signed?

    Sena Gbeckor-Kove
    iJIRA Team

  3. ralfwenzel Says:

    Yes, I can, but it takes a long time, do I need the filters.

    I don’t know. How I can find out if it is self signed?


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