iJIRA 1.2 In development

iJIRA 1.2 is currently being internally alpha tested, we;; release it to our beta testers as soon as we’re happy that its stable enough.

This version contains a number a of significant changes under the hood and we hope it will solve some recurring problems which users have encountered.


  • Favourite filters view
  • Improved SOAP engine, should give iJIRA a smaller memory fotprint and prevent crashes for large data sets.
  • Servers with self signed certificates should work now.
    NB The WebKit supplied with the iPhone does not support self signed certificates, because of this Safari on the iPhone and all other apps relying on it for connectivity don’t support slf signed certs.
  • Better stability when dealing with large issue sets.
  • Create issues
  • Delete issues

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7 Responses to “iJIRA 1.2 In development”

  1. msewmsew Says:

    Any word on this? 🙂

  2. wlovins Says:

    1.2 looks like it will add the abilities that I’ve been waiting for in an iPhone Jira app. Any idea / update as to when 1.2 will be submitted to the apple store / released?

  3. cflogan Says:

    What is the time frame for 1.2? I have 1.1.5 and it is not stable at all for me and the issue sets I deal with.

  4. senagbe Says:

    We hope to have it in the store this September.

  5. dwartell Says:

    Do you do OEM licensing? I would like to purchase a license from you so my users can download a version of your app maybe from my web site… for no cost that is locked down to my support portal URL.

    I can’t get work flows to work. I click on the 1-2-3 icon (work flows?) and nothing happens. What am I missing?

  6. rodrigobarcia Says:

    i keeo getting an error on retreiving issues ? altough the projects are being retreived correctly. how should i proceed ?

  7. senagbe Says:

    Hi Rodrigo,

    Could you please direct your query to ijirasupport@imkon.com


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